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3 Benefits of Using CBD During Muscle Building

CBD is fast becoming one of the essential components of workout routines. The popularity of its use has exploded since the world anti-doping agency lifted the ban on cannabis as a classified substance.

Furthermore, scientists have conducted a lot of research on the benefits of cannabidiol and discovered that not only does it have internal benefits, but also physical benefits such as aiding muscle recovery after workout sessions.

Regardless of your workout routine or regimen, the two factors that can define your success are the rate your muscles recover, and how well your muscles will develop.

While CBD is being touted as the magical elixir, which takes your workout experience to the next level, it is crucial to remember that unless you have pure CBD from reliable sources such as Herbonaut’s list the benefits will still be elusive.

Here are the three main benefits that you should be looking for when you incorporate CBD oil into your workout regime.

1.   Boosting Your Mental State

Exercise and athletic gains are as much of a mental battle as they are physical. When you incorporate cannabidiol into your workout regime, it alters your mood and increases energy. It also gives you a positive mindset, which makes it easier for you to look forward to your daily workout sessions.

Another reason to use CBD as part of your workout process is that it reduces the stress by regulating the production of cortisol by your body. One of the most harmful effects of having excess levels of cortisol is that it is catabolic, and it breaks down molecules. Some of the molecules that are broken down are amino-acids, which are the protein-building blocks that are essential for muscle repair and growth.

When you have a productive workout session, your body tends to produce a lot of the cortisol hormone afterward. If you do not regulate this production, it may end up inhibiting protein synthesis and slowing down the rate at which you get the muscle gains you are looking for.

It is, therefore, advisable to take some CBD as part of the workout regimen because it reduces the production of the stress hormone, and when protein synthesis resumes, you are able to get the needed muscle gains.

Another critical factor connected to CBD and your mental state post-workout is that it helps you relax and get a good night’s sleep.  Sleep is crucial to the muscle-building process because when you are asleep, your body repairs itself. If you suffer from insomnia, which is a common side effect of excessive fatigue, your muscles will heal more slowly, derailing your progress.

2.   Decreasing Your Joint  and Muscle Inflammation

One of the challenges of engaging in athletic activities is that it leads to a lot of strain on the muscles, joints, and ligaments. Most of the time, and when you follow the right warm-up procedures, the damage will be minimal.

However, if you are new to exercise and your body has not built up the resistance it needs to handle tough workouts, your muscles and ligaments will tear down faster, and this could lead to muscle and joint inflammation.

While the tearing down of the muscles leads to the repair process, which is beneficial as it fuels muscle gain, too much of it will lead to inflammation, swelling, and fluid buildup. The pain and swelling make it hard to continue with exercise.

Using good capsules and oils topically is one of the best ways to reduce the inflammation, which ensures that all your ligaments, muscles, and joints recover in time. Remember that when you stay away from the exercise machines for long as a result of injuries, you end up losing all the gains you may have made when you were active.

Incorporating CBD oil in the process speeds up the healing process and allows you to reach your set milestones on schedule.

Muscle soreness is another common effect of a high-stress workout. It happens because of the high production of lactic acid during a workout session. Lactic acid is a by-product of metabolism, however, when it builds up in the muscles, it leads to soreness.

Additionally, your body tends to accumulate white blood cells and other prostaglandins in the muscles after a workout session. The accumulation leads to delayed onset muscle soreness.  Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMs) can easily be resolved when you use CBD oil lotions and salves to massage sore muscles following a workout session.

3.   Boost Your Energy Levels

Another crucial determiner of how well you execute your workout and how fast it will be to achieve success after the workout session is your energy levels.

When you are working out, the body uses its energy reserves to fuel the increased cardio activity. One of the primary sources of this fuel is the glycogen stored in the skin cells and the liver.

When you have little glycogen reserves, your body will break down the adipose tissue or fat cells in the skin and also in the abdominal area. This gives your body the energy needed to carry through an exercise to completion.

Sometimes your body can be slow in converting these energy reserves into fuel. CBD oil boosts the rate at which this conversion happens. CBD oil also suppresses your appetite, and you are less likely to engage in a post-workout binge if you are taking cannabidiol as a supplement.


Muscle building depends on three major things, how hard you go during the workout session, how well your body can fuel your energy needs for a workout, and how fast your body can recover after the workout. CBD oil helps in all three areas.

When you make it part of your workout, you will have high energy, less sore muscles, and enough relaxation. When these three benefits are combined, you move from doing just fine to making actual gains in muscle building.

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