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5 Amazing Ways To Store Shrooms

Do you have plenty of magic mushrooms at hand? Are you worried about how to store them the right way? Well, if you are here, it is safe to assume that the answer is yes. Shrooms, also known as magic mushrooms, are gaining popularity today. People are now slowly opening up to the idea of using shrooms to enjoy their many benefits.

If you are planning to use shrooms, you also need to store it appropriately to keep its magic intact. Read on to find out everything about shrooms and ways to store it.

What are shrooms?

Shrooms or magic mushrooms are the terms used to define mushrooms that have psychedelic properties. It is a group of fungi that contains a naturally occurring hallucinogenic and psychoactive compound called psilocybin. Shrooms can induce different effects, but a majority of users experience a mind-altering high, euphoric state, and even hallucinations. From helping you experience peace to enhancing your sensations, shrooms can offer many benefits as well.

Shrooms are much like any other mushrooms. The dried shrooms have a long and slender stem of gray-white color, and the cap is brown. Some eat the shrooms directly, while others add it to their food or drinks. While you can grow them yourselves, if not, you can always order online a top quality psilocybe cubensis grow kit.

How can you store the shrooms?

While shrooms can be enjoyed at any time, they do not grow throughout the year. There is a particular harvesting season for shrooms, and then you have to make them last until next season. It becomes essential to store them the right way. Here are some amazing and effective ways to store shrooms:

1.       Dry it using a fan and store it:

Moisture can be the biggest enemy of your shrooms. In order to make them last for long, it becomes imperative to get rid of the moisture. You must dry them and then store to ensure they will last for years.

How to do it: Take a clean tray and lay down the shrooms on it. Turn on the fan for a few hours, and place the tray in a dark place. Almost 95% of the moisture will leave the shrooms in this way. You can then store them in a mason jar and place it safely in a cool room. If you are trying shrooms for the first time, make sure you microdose the psilocybin canada to know its results.

2.       Use desiccants for shrooms:

While using the above method will help you preserve your precious shrooms for months, using desiccants can extend that time to years. Desiccants are hygroscopic substances that can help eliminate the moisture and induce or sustain a state of dryness.

How to do it: Choose a desiccant like Epsom salt or Silica gel and an air-tight container. Put a 3 cm thick layer of the desiccant in the container, place a paper towel on top of it. Use a metal rack used for drying and spread the shrooms on it. You can also put a second rack if need be. Seal the container and put it in a dark and cool place.

3.       Freeze it:

If you are using shrooms to get rid of the anxiety and stress, you might want to be extra cautious with your stack. You can also freeze the shrooms to extend their life indefinitely.

How to do it: You can put your shrooms in a vacuum-sealed or Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer. Once they freeze, the magic mushrooms will last forever. You can take them out and consume as and when you need them.

4.       Use vacuum sealed-bags:

Vacuum sealed bags can come to your rescue when trying to store shrooms. While your mushrooms may only last for a short time, it is the easiest method.

How to do it: Get a vacuum-sealed bag and place the shrooms into it. Take out the air from the bag and store it in a cool and dark place.

5.       Using Freon:

The real task is not harvesting or drying the shrooms, but storing them. If the thought of your hard work going to waste is keeping you up at night, Freon can come to your aid. It is a substance used in air-conditioners to make the air cool. But, it can also help you in ensuring your shrooms stay intact for over a year. Here’s how you can use Freon.

How to do it: Place 5gram of shrooms inside a Ziploc bag and try to flatten it out. Take a Freon dust removal spray and insert its nozzle inside the bag. Close the bag and inflate the bag to 25% full and then squeeze it out. Repeat this process five times, and after you take out the final spray, you can place the bag in a cool room or fridge.

Final Thoughts

Shrooms have essentially become the ‘it’ thing. With people exploring the benefits of this psychedelic fungus, even the governments are on the verge of decriminalizing it. They can do wonders for you, but only when you store them the right way. Moisture, heat, and pests can reduce their life. Follow the above-mentioned methods to store your shrooms for years.

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