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8 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


Nowadays we are all addicted to drinking caffeinated drinks including coffee, tea or other beverages packed with sugar without realizing that it is giving nothing. These drinks only invite much more health issues as they affect the body internally, sometimes resulting in liver or kidney problems. As there are many drinks available in the market which have zero nutritions in them but still people are consuming them. But what people don’t know is that there are many natural drinks that are packed with nutrition properties in them and one of them is infused water. One of the easy and healthy drinks is Lemon water as we all are familiar with the healthy benefits of lemon. Through this article we are going to discuss it more and its positive impact on drinking it on a daily routine.


Lemon is one of the greatest sources of Vitamin C which is packed with antioxidants. Just like other citrus fruits like limes, oranges etc lemons are one of the rich sources of flavonoids. They naturally help in boosting immunity as well as fighting disease. Besides that it consists of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat and small amounts of minerals as well as vitamins. It is one of the rich sources of Vitamin C and along with that it has many health benefits including

1. Helps in Controlling Weight

They are very helpful in losing weight as it is rich in soluble pectin fiber which is effective in expanding the stomach and making the person feel full. Along with that it is high in polyphenol antioxidants that are effective in reducing the person from gaining weight. According to some studies it is also seen that due to its antioxidant compound it helps in balancing the blood glucose levels and naturally improving the insulin resistance. Another one and main factor is that they are low in calories which makes it naturally good for losing weight. Replacing soda in place of the infused lemon water is one of the healthy options.

2. Antioxidants and Flavonoids

Lemon being the package of Vitamin C which is one of the powerful antioxidants and also with flavonoids which has anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants are very helpful in protecting the cells from getting damaged and reducing the risk of developing health conditions like obesity, cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.  They are also very effective in eliminating the free radicals which are known to be harmful for the health and resulting oxidative stress. The flavonoids are very effective in reducing any kind of inflammation from the body. Many researches have shown that one of the causes for chronic inflammation is the increased oxidative stress which results in developing disease like arthritis, diabetes or cancer as well. So, it will help in not only improving the health of the heart but also improving the absorbance of iron from food.

3. Preventing Kidney Stones

As kidney stones are basically the lumps smaller in size formed from the crystallized waste products and builded up in the kidney. Citric acid is well known for preventing the formation of kidney stones by naturally increasing the volume of urine and also its pH levels. Both of them are best for creating an environment that is less favorable for the formation of kidney stones. ½ a cup of lemon juice is enough for you to provide with enough citric acid.

4. Reducing the Risk of Cancer

It has been proven that a diet rich in healthy fruits as well as vegetables help in preventing from developing cancer. Some of the studies have proven that people who eat a diet rich in citrus fruit helps in lowering the risk of developing cancer. Along with that, the test-tube studies showed that lemon consists of compounds that are effective in killing cancer cells. Some researchers have also shown that they have two compounds called naringenin as well as limonene which have anti-cancer properties. They help in preventing the body from growing malignant tumors especially on lungs, tongues as well as colons.

5. Improving Digestion

Lemons have only 10 percent of the carbs and mostly it consists of simple sugars as well as soluble fiber. One of the main fibers present in the lemons are pectin and is soluble which makes it perfect for health. As solubles fibers are well known for improving the health of the gut and slowing down the digestion of starches as well as sugars. This naturally helps in reducing the levels of sugar in the blood. However, if you really really want the fiber from the lemons then you can get it from the pulp.

6. Protecting from Anemia

The deficiency of iron is one of the common causes of anemia and the most common cause is not including food that has enough iron in it. Lemons have some iron that can help in preventing anemia and also improving the absorption of iron in the body, especially from plants. Our gut is capable of absorbing iron from fish, meat, and chicken as well but it is difficult to absorb from plant sources. But, it is helpful in improving the absorption with the help of citric acid as well as Vitamin C. As both of them are helpful in protecting the body from anemia and improving health.

7. Supporting the Health of Heart

As they are one of the best sources of Vitamin C making them perfect for reducing the risk of developing stroke or heart disease. Not only that, the fiber present in lemons is significantly effective in lowering the risk of developing any kind of heart disease. There are two compounds including diosmin as well as hesperidin which is effective in lowering the levels of cholesterol naturally.

8. Improves the Quality of Skin

As lemons are very effective in reducing developing and reducing wrinkles at a young age and also help in reducing the damage caused by the sun. Just like water they help in providing moisture to the skin and hydrating them as well. According to the studies in the year 2016 it is shown that citrus-based drinks help in reducing the development of wrinkles.


As many researchers have shown that lemon water has many potentials to make health better, so try including lemon water in your diet. The above mentioned are the health benefits that you can have from drinking it on a daily basis along with that you will always feel hydrated

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