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Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a recent technological advancement. They are used to replace whole teeth that have to be removed. If you have teeth that cannot be repaired or you have missing or broken teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Before you search for local providers, e.g., dental implants Brooklyn, consider the benefits of dental implants over dentures and other traditional treatments.

They Are Long Lasting

Dental bridges only last about 10 years, but dental implants last a lifetime. They are made with titanium screws that create a root into your jaw bone. The teeth are also biocompatible, so your body does not reject them.

You Don’t Lose Bone Density or Structure

When you lose a tooth, it leaves an empty space in your jaw. This space eventually begins to deteriorate because it is not stimulated like it is when teeth are present. Therefore, you may lose up to 25% of your bone volume within the first year of losing a tooth. Dentures actually accelerate this loss because they rub against your bone, wearing it down.

Dental implants replace your teeth. They are drilled into your bone. Your chewing is normalized, and the bone is stimulated like normal, resulting in normal, natural bone growth.

They Stabilize Your Teeth

The gaps caused by missing teeth can cause your other teeth to shift around your mouth, resulting in crooked teeth. When your teeth move, your ability to chew is affected as well. If your teeth aren’t immediately replaced, any future dental replacements are more difficult. In addition, because your bite is affected, you may experience headaches and pain in your temporomandibular joint.

They Work Like Regular Teeth

When you get dental implants, you are essentially getting your natural teeth back with regard to their function. Your new teeth restore your ability to properly chew your food. They also feel normal. You even brush and floss them like you would natural teeth. Also, because they eliminate spacing in your jaw, these teeth prevent food and bacteria from collecting in your gums, preventing gum disease.

They Look Great

You won’t be embarrassed by damaged or missing teeth, and your teeth will look natural. In addition, when you lose teeth, your face can sag because of bone loss. This sagging may make you look much older because the distance between your nose and chin is reduced and your chin structure is changed. Implants prevent this because your jaw does not deteriorate and your teeth keep it in position.

If you have lost, damaged or broken teeth, learn more about dental implants.

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