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Does Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking Really Work?

You’ve heard all the warnings. The dire predictions are all around you. Your family and friends have been hounding you for years. Now, you have finally decided to make a serious effort to get rid of your smoking addiction.

First of all, good for you! Author and humorist Mark Twain once said that he found it easy to quit smoking because he has done it more than a thousand times. However, if you want to kick the habit forever, you are probably searching for the best possible method. There are many programs and promises available, so it is beneficial to find out if various techniques, including hypnosis for quitting smoking, can really work.

What is involved in hypnosis?

We have all seen the stage shows. Unsuspecting volunteers from the audience put into a mysterious trance and made to cluck like a chicken or remove an article of clothing every time someone says the word “bed.” Hypnosis is viewed by many to be an amusing parlor trick that only works on the weak-minded people who believe in it.

Actually, hypnosis is a valuable tool used by mental health professionals to help their patients achieve a state of calm so that they are more receptive to psychological advice and assistance with emotional and behavioral issues. It is a form of therapy in which your doctor or psychotherapist will use tools such as reiteration and visualization to help you assemble events or improve focus without outside distractions and other thoughts getting in the way.

It is especially beneficial for those whose minds are so blocked by physical or mental pain that they cannot conceive a way out of their suffering. With a more relaxed frame of mind, they can see their problems more clearly, put things in perspective, and find ways to deal with their concerns that they may not have been open to before. This process is most often used to decrease apprehension or nervousness before a surgical operation or test.

Some people are wary about hypnosis because they are afraid that it gives another human being power over their mind. In truth, while hypnosis does help you to focus and visualize things differently, you still remain in control and no one can make you do something that goes against your nature.

Can hypnosis help you quit smoking?

Experts are still studying the success of hypnosis in dealing with a variety of subjects. People commonly seek hypnosis therapy when medications or other methods of dealing with their problems have not worked. These troubles have included physical issues such as nerve pain or toothaches, as well as performance difficulties like incontinence, smoking, and irrational fears. The process has done well for many people to help stop smoking, lose weight, and control symptoms of anxiety-related illnesses.

Overall, if you are determined to quit smoking, hypnosis could be worth a try. It can be used alone or as part of a comprehensive strategy to end your smoking habit.

When performed by an expert in a healthcare setting, hypnosis can be a harmless tool in your process to stop smoking. It is wise to check the credentials of your therapist, including how much education they have received and any other degrees they may possess. In addition, if you experience headaches or sleepiness after the procedure, this should be discussed with your hypnotherapist.

What are some other ways to quit smoking?

There are many products on the market that have proven effective for some people who desire to quit smoking. For a number of people, nicotine patches are helpful. They give your body the nicotine it craves in constantly decreasing doses until you find that you no longer need it.

Other means include gums and candies, which can help curb smoking by giving you something to replace the cigarettes you are used to having in your mouth. You can also try one of the prescriptions now on the market designed to help you quit smoking.

If you are considering hypnosis, you may also want to think about other forms of behavior modification. For example, you should discover what sets off your cravings and then work to reduce your exposure to these things. Additionally, you may find it helpful to quit with a friend or join a support group so that you receive positive reinforcement on your journey.

What are the benefits of quitting smoking?

One of the biggest reasons to quit smoking is for your health. For example, did you know that smokers can expect to die approximately 14 years sooner than their non-smoking counterparts? Just imagine what you would do with 14 extra years of life.

You will also save money when you give up the smoking habit. It might be helpful for you to put the funds you previously spent on cigarettes in a special account and choose a goal to save for, like a fun vacation or a big purchase for something you have always wanted such as a boat or jewelry.

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