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Emergency Dental Needs: When Should I Call a Dentist?

There are different types of dental issues, and toothache is quite common. Most people believe that emergency dental services are necessitated by people who suffer toothache in the middle of the night, but this isn’t the case. While it does happen, there are many other reasons to seek emergency dental services.

What are the everyday dental situations requiring emergency dental services?

Dental emergencies are conditions requiring prompt medical attention, but you can still manage them if the dentist doesn’t show up immediately. Also, you can seek relief from painkillers as you prepare for your appointment. Examples of emergency dental conditions requiring prompt dental care include;

  1. Toothaches and abscesses

Toothaches and abscesses are common among most patients. They cause severe dental pain, and in most cases, the tooth will have an abscess at the gum area. This may be in the form of a pimple that doesn’t show from the outside. Toothaches may result from an infected pulp due to tooth decay or cracked teeth.

These are conditions that the dentist may not detect during regular dental exams since tooth cracks are less visible. But this shouldn’t bother you. If you suffer from severe toothache and abscesses, the local dentist near you can examine and offer the required help.

  1. Lost fillings& crowns

Tooth fillings can last for years without the need for replacement. But this depends on different factors. However, they can fall off, or the crowns can come off. This may or may not be painful, but you should see the dentist immediately to prevent pain and severe damage to your teeth. Again, if you break any dental appliance, including dentures or wires on braces, this is considered an emergency, and you should seek help immediately.

  1. Knocked out tooth

Knocked out teeth are common and mostly result from injuries and accidents. Depending on the type of injury, you may be in a position to put the tooth back but should be cautious not to push it into the socket. If you can restore the tooth immediately, you stand a higher chance of saving it. However, if you can’t put it back, preserve it with salty water as you seek emergency restoration.

  1. Broken braces

Braces feature metal wires and brackets and can withstand the daily wear associated with chewing, eating and talking. However, they can break or stick out, harming your cheeks and gums. This will cause discomfort and will still affect the teeth aligning process. If this happens, push the broken wire into place or cover the exposed end with a cotton ball. Don’t cut the wire but instead seek dental help.

Where can I find emergency dental care services? 

Most hospitals have a standby dentist to attend to dental emergencies. You can get such a professional in general hospitals or private clinics. Another good way is to contact your dentist to determine if they offer emergency dental services; if not, the expert will refer you appropriately.

In summary, emergency dental situations can happen at any time, and this is why you’ll get most emergency clinics operating 24 hours a day. In case of an emergency dental condition, don’t hesitate to seek immediate help. Doing this will prevent further damage to your teeth and allow the professional to fix the issue in time.

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