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How to Find a DOT-Qualified SAP in California

Are you in need of a SAP in California? Did you fail or refuse a DOT drug test, and now you need to get back to work? The specialists at American Substance Abuse Professionals are here to help. Read on to learn how to find a DOT-qualified SAP near you.

Reasons You May Need a SAP

A Substance Abuse Professional is a licensed or certified social worker, psychologist, drug/alcohol counselor, or physician. SAPs go through specialized training and continued education to help DOT-regulated employees complete the Return-to-Duty (RTD) process.

If you have received a SAP referral or you’re seeking assistance from a SAP, chances are you have failed a DOT drug test, refused a drug test, or did not sufficiently complete a step in the drug testing process. Once a DOT-regulated employee refuses or fails a drug test, he or she must be removed from safety-sensitive work. The only way to regain the same employment is to work with a SAP and complete RTD steps.

Why You Need a DOT-Qualified SAP (It’s Important!)

“DOT-qualified” is an important stipulation. When you search for a SAP in California, you need to make sure they’re qualified by the Department of Transportation. This ensures that the DOT will accept your RTD recommendations and your SAP’s clearance for you to return to work. It’s the same reason you would only trust a licensed surgeon to cut you open or a licensed bus driver to take your kids to school. You need someone with the experience and credentials to help you get back to work.

What to Expect the First Time You Meet Your SAP

The first appointment with your SAP is an introduction to your RTD process. Your SAP will review your case and create a list of steps for you to complete. This may include drug abuse counseling, addiction treatment, education courses, or other tasks aimed at getting you back to work. When you’ve finished all these steps, you’ll meet with your California SAP again to finish your RTD.

What to Expect the Last Time You Meet Your SAP

During your final visit with your SAP, the professional will review the steps you completed and approve you to complete an RTD drug test. Assuming you pass that drug test, you can be cleared for safety-sensitive work. It is your employer’s discretion to rehire you or suspend your employment. The SAP simply says that you’re ready to return to work.

You will complete several random drug tests over the course of the next year as a follow-up to your RTD process. You may also be asked to complete random drug tests through your employer, separate from the SAP tests.

ASAP Has DOT-Qualified SAPs in California

ASAP has thousands of DOT-qualified Substance Abuse Professionals throughout the United States. When you need a reliable SAP in California, you can count on us. Appointments are often available within 48 hours of enrollment!

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