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Learning More about Cosmetic Dermatology

When people are tough or resilient, we might say they have a thick skin. If you are confident or happy, it is often described as being comfortable in your own skin.

You may have heard the term that beauty is only skin deep. Nevertheless, if you are dissatisfied with your skin because of blemishes, wrinkles, or other issues, you might be interested in learning more about cosmetic dermatology.

Definition of Cosmetic Dermatology

Dermatology refers to anything related to the care of your nails, skin, and hair. This can involve illnesses, visible veins or stretch marks, and moles.

The term cosmetic dermatology typically describes concerns and treatment procedures for problems that are not considered life-threatening. Some examples may include a skin condition such as acne, tattoo removal, or hair replacement techniques.

Issues That May Be Fixed Using Cosmetic Dermatology

Let’s face it, the only true alternative for not looking older is to die young. Although aging is inevitable, that does not mean we have to just accept it and do nothing. There are measures you can take to decelerate the process and minimize the effects of getting older on your skin for as long as possible.

Your eyes can give away your true age, especially if you are experiencing dark circles or excessive puffiness under the eyes. For this problem, your dermatologist can inject a type of acid underneath your eyes to help even out the area.

Products such as Botox can help to fill in lines on your forehead or around your mouth to decrease the appearance of wrinkles. You can also find doctors who will help you reduce acne or the accompanying scars with devices such as chemical peels.

Sun damage could also do major harm to your skin. Many people consult a cosmetic dermatologist to discuss the use of various products and ways to achieve a healthy tan or glow.

With laser treatments, your dermatologist may be able to fix pigmentation issues like birthmarks or scars. Another type of cosmetic procedure that has become popular recently is lip-plumping injections. This can be done if you feel your lips are too thin or you want to have more of a pout.

For those who worry about cellulite, there is hope for you as well. Using techniques such as light and massage, the look of those lumpy little craters can be significantly reduced.

Hair removal is perhaps the most popular type of cosmetic dermatology. It is performed by most adults in some form or another every day. Whether it’s shaving your face and legs or tweezing eyebrows and nose hairs, these rituals have become very important to us as a way of fine-tuning our appearance. Cosmetic dermatology provides methods for permanent hair removal, such as laser procedures, which are safe and more effective than at-home techniques.

Nevertheless, be prepared to open your wallet and pay handsomely for the cost of beauty. Botox treatments can cost several hundred dollars for each doctor visit, and you have to make multiple trips in order to continue to see your desired results. Lip fillers are even more expensive, costing up to $1,000 each time, a couple of times a year.

Of course, there are temporary, less-expensive alternatives to cosmetic dermatology. You can try makeup, clothing changes, or a new haircut to conceal problem areas. Also, some over-the-counter remedies are very successful in hiding or managing skin, hair, or nail imperfections.

Disadvantages of Cosmetic Dermatology

There have been many advances in the field of dermatology. Procedures that used to require a hospital stay, layers of bandages, and weeks of healing time can now be done on an out-patient basis with little fanfare and you are back to normal activities within 48 hours or so. Additionally, there are some forms of cosmetic dermatology that require only minutes for full treatment.

As a result of these conveniences, very complicated actions may appear to be easy. Consequently, products have recently come on the market that promise that you can change or repair problems by yourself from the comfort of your own home or by someone with no professional training.

Vacation resorts and even shopping mall kiosks offer everything from chemical peels to collagen injections, sometimes without the proper equipment or necessary safety precautions. Patients can be subjected to all kinds of complications when these quick fixes go wrong, such as permanent scarring and a recurrence of the original problem.

Many aspects can determine the outcome of cosmetic dermatological processes, including the characteristics of your individual skin type and the quality of the devices used. For these reasons, it is important to trust your skin only with an experienced dermatologist. It is equally crucial to do your homework and ensure that the professional you choose has the proper credentials and an appropriate amount of experiences.

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