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Tattoo Removal Options: A Permanent Fix

Are you thinking about getting a tattoo, but not sure if you’ll regret it? One of the best things about tattoos whether yours be a watercolor tattoo style or one that has intricate details in black and white, it’s important to always remember that you can have it removed. Keep reading to learn more.

45 million Americans have tattoos, and there’s more than a few of them — about 50 percent to be exact — who regret the tattoos they have. Fortunately, though, thanks to advancements in technology, tattoo removal options are now widely available. The average age of those who get tattoos removed is 29-years-old, with the majority of these people being women who have small black tattoos.

There are many reasons why people want to have tattoos removed. Some choose they simply don’t want their tattoos anymore. Others have partial tattoo removal performed. And then there’s always the people who got tattoos that turned out nothing as they had hoped for, so they have the tattoo removed with the intent to have it covered up with a better-looking tattoo.

partial tattoo removal
partial tattoo removal

How much does it cost to get a tattoo removed?

The exact cost of having a tattoo removed will of course be influenced by the size of the tattoo, the colors that were used, and a person’s skin type. Most people need an average of seven treatments, with each session lasting about 15 minutes. The cost of each session is generally about $200. This averages out to $1,400 per tattoo that is removed.

Four common types of tattoo removal options


For those who have a tattoo that they would like to have covered with another tattoo, it will be beneficial to have the existing tattoo faded before being covered. By fading the tattoo, the person will have more options in terms of the new tattoo that he wants to get.

Accidental tattoo removal

After being in an accident, some people end up with what is called an accidental tattoo/scar. The scar forms when a foreign substance, such as asphalt penetrates the skin, and then the skin heals over the substance. Most accidental tattoos can be removed with one to two treatments of accidental tattoo removal.

Partial tattoo removal

There are many people who have a tattoo that they want to be altered, such as having a name of a past lover removed. In this scenario, partial tattoo removal proves to be a good option. This removal process is also ideal for people who received poor quality work from a tattoo artist and want to have the tattoo redone by someone else.

Eyebrow tattoo removal

One of the more common types of permanent makeup that people regret getting is eyebrow tattoos. On the upside, these tattoos can easily be removed via laser treatment, however, not everyone is a good candidate for this removal option, especially those who have eyebrow tattoos made of carbon ink.

If you would like more information on tattoo removal, it’s imperative to contact a tattoo removal specialist today. And don’t forget that there are many over-the-counter remedies, including creams and lotions, that you may want to try first.

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