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The Effects of Combining Different Drugs With Alcohol

Abusing one drug or alcohol alone is dangerous enough as it is. However, some users want to take it a notch higher, by using different substances in one sitting. This mostly happens when your body reaches a point of tolerance. This means you will require larger amounts of the drug or mix it with alcohol to get the desired results. If you are at that point, you can get professional help from rehab Alabama-located. There are many dangers associated with combining any drug with alcohol, as you will learn in this article.

Mixing Different Drugs with Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant. Therefore, using it together with other drugs can have far-reaching impacts on your general well-being. The following information will give you a clear glimpse of different liquor and drug combinations plus their specific effects;

Marijuana and Alcohol

Marijuana, or bhang, has become one of the most abused drugs globally, primarily due to its availability and cheapness. However, since it is a depressant, smoking marijuana while taking alcohol increases the chances of an overdose. When you take alcohol alone, chances of throwing it up are high, especially if you do it on an empty belly. However, marijuana minimizes the symptoms of nausea, which means that alcohol will remain in your system for a long time. This can consequently lead to alcohol poisoning.

Cocaine and Alcohol

This is a common combination considering the powerful high it brings to the drug user. However, the risks involved with mixing cocaine and liquor can be a heart attack, overdose, or at its worst, death. Since cocaine is a stimulant, it boosts your blood pressure, alertness, and heart rate, which helps a drink to get to the brain faster. Cocaethylene is the name given to combining these two substances, and it provides the user with intense but dangerous pleasure.

Alcohol and Antidepressants

Antidepressants are given to patients with mental health conditions. Examples are Prozac and Zoloft. One of the most pronounced effects of mixing antidepressants and liquor is that the user becomes more anxious and depressed. The result of that can be trouble catching sleep, irritability, and poor judgment.

Heroin and Alcohol

Heroin is a dangerous substance on its own. So, combining it with alcohol means double problems. Both are depressants, and the most common effect of such substances is slowed breathing. A combination of the two can lead to life-threatening slowed breathing. Moreover, the user can experience overdosing or reduced heart rate.

Alcohol and Painkillers

Yes, painkillers are either over-the-counter medicines or given in a hospital to counter mild or severe pain. However, there has been a rise in the abuse of these medications. Above all, the abusers are adding alcohol to the equation. Combining alcohol and painkillers increases the chances of developing liver issues and, ultimately, liver disease. The dangerous health effects of using painkillers and alcohol together cannot be overlooked.

Ecstasy and Alcohol

Today, most of the deaths related to ecstasy use result from mixing the drug with liquor. Alcohol reduces the euphoric feeling and the physical impairment created by ecstasy. However, the parts that suffer most from such a combination are the kidneys. Ecstasy users experience a powerful high that causes them to consume a lot of alcohol within a short period. Such consumption of huge alcohol amounts is followed by intense dehydration, nausea and vomiting, immense sweating, heatstroke, and diarrhea.

Drug abuse has caused quite a stir worldwide. While different governments, organizations, and institutions try to fight this monster, the battle becomes challenging, especially when the abusers start using these drugs and alcohol together. There are several health implications that such substances can have on the body. So, the best thing is to abstain and seek help.

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