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The Top Culprits for Causing Back Pain

Some people will tell you that pain is nothing more than weakness leaving your body. If you fall for this, you may as well believe in unicorns and fairies too.

In truth, pain is a warning. It is your body telling you that something is wrong and needs to be changed. Therefore, you might find it helpful to learn the top culprits for causing back pain.

Common Causes of Back Pain

When someone has a broken bone, you will see the cast. A bruise or other injury is typically noticeable from the skin discoloration. However, back pain is different because there are usually no visible signs, just an overpowering ache that can wrack your body and make you feel miserable.

Most of us will suffer some sort of back pain during our lifetime. Your back is a unique and complicated part of your body consisting of the spine, joints, nerves, muscles, discs, and fluid to help keep you moving properly.

In addition, it is the largest part of your body, stretching from your head to your hips. As a result, there are many aspects that can malfunction or become injured.

There are numerous types of back pain. Some develop as a result of diseases, genetics, or aging, and others are caused by our own actions or mistakes.

Injuries are perhaps the most frequent kind of back pain that we inflict upon ourselves. It is also the type of pain for which we have the most control.

Almost any type of movement can injure your back but accidents or falls can initiate debilitating pain. Motor vehicle, sports, and exercise injuries account for a majority of back pain that occur as a consequence of accidents. Additionally, a hard fall on your back or being struck in your back could cause considerable pain.

The muscles of your back can be damaged by excessive stress or strain. This can include repeated lifting of heavy objects, standing or sitting too long, and twisting your body incorrectly. A herniated disc, a condition which occurs when one of tiny, protective pillows between the vertebrae in your back is ruptured, may also create pain. These injuries can come about from both work and leisure activities.

Another reason for back pain can be the aging process. Over time, the discs that separate and cushion the vertebrae begin to wear down in a process known as disc degeneration. Weakening of bones in older people, called osteoporosis, can cause a host of problems and even lead to falls and fractures.

Excess weight may also cause back pain because of the extra load you now have to carry all the time. Often, women who are pregnant or menstruating, or those with very large breasts might experience back pain as well. Endometriosis, a problem with the uterus, can also produce back pain for women.

One of the most prevalent reasons for back pain is joint damage or inflammation. Several types of arthritis may arise from this, such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

The condition called sciatica is caused by damage or pinching of the sciatic nerve and could be a source of back pain. In addition, back pain can be an alert that a more serious crisis is looming, such as kidney stones, bladder issues, or trouble with your appendix.

Treatment for Back Pain

Sometimes, back pain will go away on its own if you discontinue the activity that created the pain for a little while. A hot or cold compress may also help. Other times, you might need help from an over-the-counter medication. For chronic or persistent back pain that lasts for more than a month, or if you have suffered a traumatic injury, you should see a doctor, who might prescribe something stronger than what you can get off the drug store shelves.

Your physician might also suggest physical therapy to treat back pain. This will help to stretch and loosen the muscles in your back to provide relief. Some people have also achieved success through alternative measures like acupuncture and chiropractic methods.

Surgery for back pain is generally only recommended in extreme circumstances. Your doctor may propose an operation. if your back pain is accompanied by other issues, such as bladder trouble, lack of feeling in your extremities, or an inability to function normally.

Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Adopting good lifestyle habits is the best way to stay healthy and remain free of pain. The age-old advice about eating right, routine exercise, and getting a good night’s sleep are very important in preventing back pain.

Watching your posture and being extra careful when lifting or pulling objects are the best ways to protect your back. In addition, you should always use the proper safety equipment when working or participating in sports and hobbies. It is also a good idea to ensure that your back muscles are well-stretched and sufficiently loosened before beginning any strenuous activities.

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